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Process and Care

Pendant Process

Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted using high quality and sustainable products.  Here's a little insight into the makings of each piece!

  1. Take a fun filled trip, seeing as many sights as you can until your feet are throbbing
  2. Draw inspiration from beautiful monuments, landmarks, bridges, buildings, etc
  3. Sketch a design to pay homage to said landmark
  4. Repeat step 3 over and over again until it's just right
  5. Digitize and cut (out of FSC certified wood)
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 
  7. Assemble (with low VOC adhesives and recycled brass)
  8. Wear test piece in public, seeking the much needed praise to know it's a keeper
  9. Handcraft more for YOU to wear and enjoy!!

Pendant Care

Your piece of jewelry should maintain its good looks and be one of your favorites for a long time.  It's simple to prolong the lifespan, just follow these tips!


  • Swim with your necklace
  • Shower with your necklace
  • Get tipsy and spill your Margarita on your necklace
  • Carelessly toss your necklace around after a long day of work


  • Gently put it away to store while not wearing
  • Strike a pose wearing your necklace and share  #tangentshop


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