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Off on a Tangent  

[to suddenly start saying or doing something that does not seem to be connected to the subject at hand]


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A little about the shop

Off on a Tangent is a design studio focused on creating jewelry inspired by architecture and travel.  Our inspiration is drawn from buildings and landmarks around the globe that we have seen through travels and studies, and we transform those elements into unique handcrafted pieces of jewelry.  Who needs another keychain as a souvenir?  When you wear one of these beautiful pendants, people will definitely take notice, and it's fun sharing the inspiration behind the design with your friends!  

Check out our blog to learn more about the inspirations behind our designs!

Check out our process page to learn how each piece is made. 


Off on a Tangent About Us     Off on a Tangent About Us Alissa     Off on a Tangent About Us Tom

A little about us

Hi, I'm Alissa, founder of Off on a Tangent - welcome to my shop!  I am a licensed architect but decided to go off on a tangent and design jewelry that combines a few of my passions: architecture, travel, and art.  I love visiting and exploring famous landmarks, and thinking of ways to create a "mini-me" pendant that represents the original architectural masterpiece.  I hope you have as much fun wearing these pendants (and getting lots of attention) as I do designing them!       

My husband, Tom, is very involved in operations.  He is also a licensed architect, so he can't hold back from getting involved in the design process and "critiquing" my work until it's just right.

We both have a passion for modern design, travel, jewelry (well, that might just be me), and exploring our home of Washington, D.C.  We are currently focusing our attention on pendant necklaces, but I am known to go "off on a tangent" and start exploring whatever piques my interest at the current moment, so check back soon for new designs!

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